Born in Limassol – Cyprus, Ioli is the first of the three children of Michali Mousteri the acclaimed author and theater historian and wife Terspsichori. Being a prodigy child in classical singing, Ioli makes her first public appearance before the Mayer’s Concert of Limassol at the age of 12, performing classical pieces and lieder. At 17 she can sing with an amazing ease the entire leading soprano roles from Rigoletto, Lucia di Lammermoor and Traviata.




Ballet classes came early in her life, studying for five years and participating in all the performances of her ballet studio. In 1960 Ioli wins the First Prize and Medal of the Pancyprian Vocal Competition of the Mozart Musical Association of Nicosia. A series of concerts follows, touring over in all the major cities of Cyprus along with the orchestra of the association.



The press wrote:



“The discovery of Ioli Mousteri at the concert of the Mozart Association Orchestra … what followed to be the most pleasant surprise of the evening was Ioli Mousteri, at only 18 and without any previews education in singing, sang before the public with stamina (certainty) of an established artist. We are certain that in the hands of an expert teacher, Ioli will soon honor Cyprus…”


Το Fos”

“A real apocalypse was the appearance of the charming and rare talented Miss Ioli Mousteri. The impression she made came as a surprise to the enthusiastic public, which was truly amazed by the 18 year old singer. With an exceptional technique, Ioli was able to handle Sempre libera from La Traviata, an aria that even established artists from the international operatic stage cope with difficulty.   



"...She is the hope of Cyprus and Greece … This young soprano, using her exceptional voice with an art and color of especial artistic achievements, has charmed everyone in the house …”



"...What came as a big discovery before the public of Nicosia, was Miss Ioli Mousteri, who appeared during the Mozart Music Association’s concert."


“Cyprus Mail”

"Ioli Mousteri only 18 years old, made a great impression with an aria from Traviata. She is obviously a singer of promise and already has confidence and control to add to the resources of a true natural voice …”



She sings for the radio, and performs in the national television production of Verdi’s Rigoletto, next to Antro Natar and Dino Grispi. The production was broadcasted live, and was staged by A. Mitsides. She receives a scholarship from the Greek government, and later another one from the Italian government. She studies piano and classical singing in Greece and Italy, and receives her piano degree from the national conservatory of Athens, along with her diploma from the Giuseppe Verdi national conservatory in Milan.



She starts studying voice and repertoire with the international famed maestros Antonio Tonini –artistic director of La Scala- and Arturo Merlini. In 1964, Ioli finds herself among the 4 finalist winners of the La Scala vocal competition, and in 1969 the competition of Teatro Nuovo for young singer results (leads) to her debute as Elvira in Bellini’s “I Puritani”. She receives awards and distinctions for her participation in International Festivals and singing competitions, and she is honored with diplomas and medals from various clubs and unions.




In 1975 Ioli founded the School of Classical Singing in Cyprus, and in 1981, the choir that she has trained and exposed to the operatic repertoire embodies the Organization of Lyrical Stage that she has founded. Many of Ioli’s students from the School of Classical Singing won distinctions, and now sing internationally in the big lyrical theaters of Europe and the USA. Cyprus Operatic Stage, the official name that is still known up today, presented under Ioli’ s direction, concerts and productions of operas and operettas around Europe that were raved by the press.




Aside from the music direction of the choir and soloists, Ioli stars, directs and designs costumes for many of the Cyprus Operatic Stage’s productions. Under Ioli’s diligence many of the Cyprus Operatic Stage productions were recorded and produced in LP and CD and DVD. The catalogue includes some Greek and Cypriot works of great importance because it was the first time to be recorded or produced; “Tragoudia” in LP by Cypriot composer Defkaliona Iakovides, the Operetta “Vaftistikos” (The Godson) in CD by Greek Composer Theofrastos Sakellarides, and “Kallipatira” in CD and live DVD by Greek composers Nikos Lekakos and Sophia Papazoglou.



In 2004 Ioli participates in the Universal Artistic Festival of North Korea, were she sings compositions by the Cypriot Adamos Katsiantonis and wins the Golden Medal Award for Cyprus. Ioli worked not only as a member of the Special Consulting Committee on musical affairs for the Educational and Cultural Ministry, but also for the National Committee of Cypriot Music where she cooperates on the research and publishing of the book “Bibliography and Discography of Cypriot Music”. Ioli is also the author and publisher of the Greek book “History of Music”.