The Cyprus Opera Society, as it was known then, was founded in 1981 with the initiative of Ιοli Mousteri, daughter of the Limassolian writer and art critic, Michalis Mousteris. Ιοli, was awarded the G. Verdi National Conservatory of Milan Diploma of Singing and studied voice training and repertory with the world renowned teachers, Arturo Merlini and Antonio Τonini, the Artistic Director of La Scala de Milan, later her father in law. She was also awarded prices and distinctions in different International competitions in Singing and the International Art Festivals. Mr. George Nicolaou was elected president in 1981 and retained the presidency till now.



The C.O.S. started with concerts, under the auspices of the Italian Embassy, with soloists and the choir, which was founded in 1975 also by Ιοli Mousteri. In 1983 the C.O.S. presented its first major production the “FESTIVAL VERDI '83”, under the direction of the maestro Andreas Charalambous, with excerpts from the operas “IL TROVATORE”, “RIGOLETTO”, “LΑ TRAVIATA”. Talented students from the Ιοli Mousteri's school of singing and the choir, took part in these performances together with the collaborating artists from the Greek National Opera House and the Athens and Salonika State Orchestras. The Government of Cyprus and the Greek Minister of Culture, the late Melina Mercouri supported the venture.





In 1987, under the instructions of its Artistic Director Ιοli Mousteri, the C.O.S.

made its first LΡ on the Columbia label in Athens, titled “TRAGOUDIA” (Songs) by the well-known Limassolian composer Defkalion Iacovides.





The Limassol Cyprus Operatic Stage as known today, participated in many International Festivals in Cyprus and abroad and has also collaborated with many foreign artists as well as with Cypriot artists that have a successful career overseas. It performed three times at the Kefallonia Art Festival, in collaboration of the Limassol Municipality Orchestra under the direction of Christos Marcou, also particitpated in the “MANOLIS ΚALOMIRIS” International Festival in Samos, as well as concerts on board of Louis Cruise Ships to Egypt and Israel.



Beside the concerts with the operatic repertory the L.C.O.S. had also presented a great number of Christmas, Easter and Charity performances. Many of its performances have been televised and have been aired in various European countries as well in America.




The performance “ΑΝ EVENING OF OPERA AND BALLET” was televised by the CYBC and was presented on Cypriot as well as on Greek television. In 1991 the L.C.O.S., collaborating with the Orchestra of the Limassol Municipality under the direction of Christos Marcou presented G. Donizeni's Opera “LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR” and as all the performers were Cypriots the L.C.O.S. achieved its target that as the creation of a real Cypriot Opera Company.





In 1994 a new CD was recorded of the entire Th. Sakellarides Operetta “Ο VAFTISTIKOS” (the Godson) that was a first in the field of Greek Operetta. This Operetta was staged by the L.C.O.S. us and Athens within the framework of the International Festival at the Doukissa of Plakentia House. This performance was also televised by the LOGOS TV Channel.



In the summer of 1997 within the framework of events organized by the Cypriots of London against the coup and the invasion , the L.C.O.S. made an appearance in Trafalgar Square in front of a 10.000 audience.



In 1998 the L.C.O.S. participated in the Art Festival of Malta where a one-hour programme was televised for the national channel. It also collaborated with the Saint Helena Orchestra in Birguirgara and visited the President of the Republic of Malta Dr. Guido de Marco, where it gave a performance at the Presidential Palace.




The L.C.O.S. has been given an award by the Bank of Cyprus in its contribution to the musical events of our country. The L.C.O.S. has recently a CD of the musical work of “ΚALLIPATIRA” by the Greek composers Nikos Lekakos and Sophia Papazoglou, that was televised by the CYBC at the ancient Apollo Hylates temple at the Curium. Its first live performance was given at ancient Amathus within the framework of the events at the departure of the ship “Kyrenia- Eleftheria” that carried the symbolic gifts of Cyprus to Greece for the Cultural Olympiad 2004. The same performance was also presented at the Veakio Amphitheatre in Piraeus on 14.05.04 for the arrival of Kerynia - Eleftheria. The performance of Donizetti' s “Don Pasquale”, is the L.C.O.S. latest venture.