Cyprus Operatic Stage


In Collaboration with:

The Limassol Municipal Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Christos Marcou

The Nadia Nicolaides Academy of Dance

Guess Artists: Konstantinos Paliatsaras –Tenor of the State Opera of Athens

and the Pianist Sophia Papazoglou Lecacou


Also taking part:

Pericles Marcoulis, Bass-Baritone

Totis Mandalios, Baritone

Tom Williams, Tenor

Christina Sergiou,Soprano

Maria Mandaliou, Soprano


Ioli Mousteri

The choir of Cyprus Operatic Stage


Narrators: Penny Loizou and Marios Vassiliou   


Conductor: Christos Markou


Director: Ioli Mousteri

Scenery: Nikos Kokkinis/Maximos Christou

Choreography: Nadia Nicolaides















"Cyprus Operatic Stage, under the direction of Ioli Mousteri, is a pioneer group on operatic music.  Embodied by qualified and discipline talents both musically and artistically, they gave us a high standard example of melodramatic music, staged and titled “An Evening of Opera and Ballet”. The performance took place at Pattihio Public Theater, and the performance was under the National Artistic Festival of Limassol. This extraordinary artistic show was in cooperation with the Chamber Orchestra of Limassol under the direction of Christos Markou, the Nadia Nikolaides Dance Academy, the Greek national opera tenor Constantinos Paliatsaras, and the talented Athenian pianist Sophia Papazoglou.

…Overall the performance has taken us, where no other show has taken us before. We would like to highlight the fact that from any aspect of view, this performance was successful and well taken cared. With this remark we express in public the spontaneous enthusiasm and thrill that we felt when watching this rare to us show. Shows like “An Evening of Opera and Ballet” raises the artistic and cultural reality of our island in higher standards, exposing to its people material that we haven’t seen produced for years. This performance was possible to produce, with the sponsorship of the Mayer of Limassol, and the initiative of the Cyprus Operatic Stage director, Ioli Mousteri. Miss Ioli’s long education and experience in the operatic world in Milan enabled her to direct and put on melodramatic shows of high European standards like the show “An Evening of Opera and Ballet” ".





"…Cyprus Operatic Stage in one of their most fine performance; the establisher of C.O.S Ioli Mousteri, proved once more her fame as a soprano and a director. The performance by Greek National Opera tenor Constantinos Paliatsaras, was very convincing, dealing with ease the demanding and dramatic shifts of the scenes. Always impressive, the bass Periklis Markoulis, and baritone Totis Mandalios sang along with soprano Christina Sergiou, tenor Tom Williams, and bass Costas Constantinides. Sophia Papazoglou Lekakou impressed with her technique and perfect training on the piano. Congratulations to all the company, especially to Ioli who led the show with her soul and her unrivalled soprano voice that is one of European standards."